Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Springs, Volcanic Lakes, Night

The hot springs was actually pretty awesome, save for the boiling hot water and nasty sand which contained hair.... gross.
Afterward we came back to shower and ended up going to a spectacular pasta place which served over 500 different sauces! We tried a seafood, pesto, Creme & sausage and red with vegetables. Everything, except the fish was absolutely delicious. Seriously, if I could get my bed, Alex, Joely, Kels and a few other friends over here, I'd never leave. Just because of how amazing the food is.

Sunday we went to a volcanic lake called Capodimonte, where we swam, napped, ate, and even got to rent a paddle boat for 2 hours! The boat had a slide on it, so we had a great time with that! The left around and took a bus back to Viterbo because it was about a 30 minute drive away. At some point, I lost my headphones, so I'm super bummed about that and have to somehow find myself a new pair. Reaaalllllyyyyy annoying!!
That night we had a pot luck dinner and ate, drank and hung out on the roof of our dorms.

Monday, I finally started classes. Darrell took us out on the town for a long walk just to try to encompass the whole city. We're working in pieces to shoot at much as we can.
I've managed to get a lot on to Facebook if anyone cares to take a look.

This morning, more walking, and Darrell bought us gelato. Man that stuff is amazingly good. Tonight we have a buffet dinner and Darrell is supposed to show off his photos and talk about his work. I'm stoked for dinner, but I need a nap seeing as I barely sleep at night :[

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