Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wednesday we were able to go to Rome for a few hours. After getting on the train at 630 (yes, it was horrible :[) we made it into the city just after 8am and walked to this church below that housed a few amazing Caravaggio paintings.

After, we went to the National Etruscan Museum.
Snnnooorrrreeee. getting real tired of dead people and pots. My apologies to any pottery people, but... yeah, not for me.
And once that museum trip of boredom was over, Laura took us to this tiny little restaurant run by a cute old man and his wife who cooked us an amazing meal of homemade spinach ravioli and tomato sauce, and to top it off, either tiramasu or this delicious wild strawberry tart that I was able to nom.
Seriously, the food makes me not want to leave!!
After lunch we walked around the city for a bit and checked out a few tourist sites, like the Pantheon, which, when looking at it in books and pictures, it is not given justice to the amazing structure it truly is when you are standing in front of it:
Or even inside of it for that matter. Just to the right of this picture is where the Renaissance artist, Raphael is buried.

Here's the square out in front of the Pantheon.
We went to Trevi Fountain earlier. It's incredible. There are so many people but the craftsmanship of this structure is magnificent.
I decided to head back to the residence after a bit more walking. I'm hoping this weekend after classes I'll be able to go back to Rome!

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