Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Villa Lante

The weekend was spent relaxing, sleeping in, and meeting some great new friends here in Viterbo. Monday always means back to work, and yesterday in class our assignment was to shoot people. I got a couple of good shots, but I feel like I really need to step it up and assert myself to actually ask people to pose for me. That would be a lot of fun, a quick shoot display of the various faces of Viterbo. I think I'm going to try starting with some of our friends here and working out from there.
Last night we went to the house of one of Leeza's friends, Michele (Pronounced Mik-kay-lay) and his room mate Alessandro cooked us an amazing dinner of three different pizzas and a pasta. All made from scratch! I seriously felt like heaven was singing in my mouth. I tried zucchini and cheese pizza, never been a fan of zucchini, but that was absolutely amazing! They also had some wine that they had gotten from a friend who made it, and it was very delicious! After dinner we went out for a walk around the city again, and it's so inspiring to see such life and excitement in everyone at night. I really wish there were these kinds of community things at home, where everyone can be out enjoying the night and their friends and meeting new people. It's wonderful. I need to get myself to bring my camera with me one night.

This morning, Darrell took us to Villa Lante, which is a huge garden made as a summer residence for an old pope. It was beautiful...

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